How girls dance in the car when they song come on

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Burlesque ~ Heather Holliday

Please have me. 

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Everything I’ve handcrafted, I am proud to wear daily because of the amount of time and effort I know I’ve put into making my business grow. Just last year I thought I was ridic for thinking I had enough talent to appeal and sell anything to anyone.

This year, I spend all my free time trying to make my dream of working for myself come true. I am so thankful for the people who have believed in me. You all helped me believe in myself.

Most times I wear a shark tooth and a mini vial of citrine around my neck (both found in my store -, shameless plug, lol) because I am a fighter that hopes to define success over and over again.

I say all of that to say, BELIEVE IN YOURSELF. If you have a dream that seems farfetched, do what you can to make it within your reach and then grab it.

The Brklyn Store was just a dream before. Now it’s a startup. One day, I hope it is a household name.

I am so here for this being.

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when mom says dinners ready

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